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Cubismi Selected for the Allscripts-Microsoft Pitch Competition

Madison, WI. – December 3, 2020

Cubismi has been selected to pitch at the Allscripts-Microsoft pitch competition on Thursday, December 3. During the competition, Cubismi will be presenting on the Developer Challenge: Reimagining Care Delivery track.

The year 2020 marks 200 years since the trailblazing social reformer and nurse Florence Nightingale was born. With her legacy in mind, MATTER, Allscripts, Microsoft, and the ARC Innovation Center at Sheba Medical Center are hosting a challenge calling for startups to reimagine care delivery. Startups are judged based on their technology and innovative solutions to create the EHR of the future – one that reduces the burden on healthcare professionals and improves care.

“This is an important opportunity for Cubismi, a bold and visionary start-up led by Radiology’s digital health leaders, to present both our vision for the future and immediate remedies for current day practice,” says Dr. Moira Schieke, founder and CEO at Cubismi. “Cubismi is on a mission to launch critical-need precision and cancer imaging technology into wide clinical use. As validated by independent scientific validation and internal data science work, our 5D “virtual biopsy” technology provides granular voxelwise biomarkers of tumors and solves core sources of error, such as in radiomics, that use standard segmentations that severely limit reproducibility and clinical translation. Yet, to get 5D translated into clinical medicine, we have to first solve core problems with today’s legacy radiology IT and interfaces. To that end, we look forward to showcasing our start-up to the esteemed panel of judges and presenting how Cubismi’s differentiated and unique solution can tackle the realities of current outdated radiology IT and deliver a critical-need digital transformation.”

Cubismi has 3 granted patents for its 5D cloud system, and 11 patents filed dating back to 2014. Cubismi was recently granted yet another patent titled, “System and method for forming a super-resolution biomarker map image.”

Cubismi’s “moonshot” multi-disciplinary team includes leaders and top experts out of Qualcomm, Allscripts, and Microsoft, as well as leading cognitive scientists and visual analytics experts. Cubismi’s technology and innovative model have gained the attention and enthusiasm of top experts. Respected industry leader Alexander Norbash, Chair of Radiology at the University of California-San Diego, has served as an advisor for Cubismi for many years and champions Cubismi’s vision and intended deliverables.

“Cubismi’s medical insights collaboration cloud platform is focused on empowering radiologists to more easily and intuitively access essential information and amplify the value of medical imaging, which is why I am actively supporting their pilot program,” says Dr. Norbash. “Through powerful, high-throughput computing and 5D precision analytics, Cubismi will drive a powerful and visionary digital transformation of medical imaging to enable robust precision imaging across healthcare systems for earlier detection, diagnosis, and cures for certain cancers.”

About Cubismi

Cubismi is building a medical insights collaboration platform that combines precision visual analytics from human body big data in innovative, interactive 3D interfaces to allow doctors to deliver key actionable visualizations - anytime, anywhere. To learn more, visit